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Maritime Works and Industrial Diving

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Nautilus Srl

Nautilus Srl is a member of the Piacentini Group from Modena, and is operative in maritime and industrial diving work in Italy and the world. Specialized in the construction of temporary and permanent structures, using large steel elements and metal piles, and in underwater work. The company has its own fleet of maritime vehicles, special equipment and means, specialised staff and highly experienced underwater technicians.

MO.S.E. project in Venice
MO.S.E. project in Venice

In the construction of the MO.S.E. system to defend the Venice Lagoon, Nautilus worked together with leading Italian companies on the maritime and underwater work in the entrances to Lido Treporti, Lido San Nicolò, Malamocco and Chioggia.

With Saipem in Kazakhstan
With Saipem in Kazakhstan

Nautilus worked with Saipem installing the underwater pipes and the construction and fine tuning of the special laying machinery (Kashagan field).

Piallassa del Piombone (RA)
Piallassa del Piombone (RA)

Nautilus worked on the improvement to Piallassa del Piombone, involving the creation of a fish breeding valley separated from the Ravenna port area. 

Ancona Port
Ancona Port

In the northern area of Ancona Port, Nautilus constructed the final delimitation of the sediment tank with the use of sheet piles.

Piles and large metal elements
Piles and large metal elements Nautilus is specialised in the construction of port infrastructures that require installing metal elements, whether they are used as single elements for constructing ...
Modular systems for underwater operations
Modular systems for underwater operations Nautilus adoptes cutting edge solutions to respect the forecast completion times and guarantee the safety of the underwater operators even in difficult conditions (depths, size of the structural elements, strong currents, poor visibility).
Equipment for underwater work
Equipment for underwater work Nautilus is constantly investing in the renewal and maintenance of its underwater equipment, which are specially designed to streamline the diving operations and guarantee the highest safety standards.
Piacentini among the 50 leading Italian construction firms
Piacentini among the 50 leading Italian construction firms An article from the “Sole e 24 Ore Edilizia e Territorio” about the 2013 results of leading Italian construction companies highlighting Piacentini’s performance.

Partners Nautilus


Our expertise combined with experience in design and construction of important works and infrastructures of our partners - allows us to realise very complex international projects.
In addition to a solid partnership with Piacentini Group of Modena, we collaborate with Fagioli SpA and leading engineering companies such as Innovo.


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