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Italian Industrial Diving Association

Nautilus is a member of the Associazione Imprese Subacquee Italiane (AISI), which was formed in 2000 to represent the interests of Italian enterprise and anyone else working in the field of industrial offshore and onshore diving.

The AISI operating procedures (which follow the international guidelines issued by IMCA International Marine Contractors Association) are used by the work group that drafted the national standard UNI 11366 on safety in underwater activities and industrial hyperbaric chambers.

Italian Industrial Diving Association

Article 16 of Law by decree dated 24th January 2012 (Liberalisation bill) refers to the UNI 11366 standard on health and safety in underwater activities and professional hyperbaric chambers used in industry.

This reference means that the UNI 11366 standard is in line with current legislation. The aforesaid article 16, paragraph 2, states that the activities “given in article 53 of the Decree by the President of the Republic n. 886 of 24th May 1979, must be conducted according to current legislation, rules of best practice defined in the UNI 11366 standard”.

Article 53 of DPR n. 886 of 1979 refers to the general prescriptions regarding the use of underwater operators, i.e. “underwater work for positioning platforms, for inspection and maintenance of submerged equipment or for similar work”. The same article 53 also establishes that these activities “must be performed”:

  • Only by expert physically able people.
  • Under the management of a person of proven ability.
  • In respect of specific applicable regulations and rules of best practice.

The reference to UNI 11366 in the decree gives a clearer definition to the legislation and procedures, able to promote professional diving work according to the highest safety standards.