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Equipment for underwater work

Nautilus is constantly investing in the renewal and maintenance of its underwater equipment, which are specially designed to streamline the diving operations and guarantee the highest safety standards. All the company’s know-how and ability in designing and testing new equipment enables Nautilus to collaborate with its clients right from the initial project phase.

Underwater equipment

  • Underwater cutting
  • Underwater welding
  • Hydraulic tools and related hydraulic control units
  • High pressure jetting pumps
  • Air intake pumps (suction device)
  • Dynamometric controlled hydraulic screwers with screwing torque from 600 Nm to 16,000 Nm, and 1½” bushing coupling (up to M64). The efficiency of these screwers is fundamental in major works (the great working power and precision make work easier and halve the working time).
  • Hydraulic and compressed air drills
  • Compressed air drills and screwers
  • Lifting balloons of various size and capacity
  • High pressure water cleaner (400 bar) for underwater use, with nozzle with counterthrust.
  • Newly designed vapour pressure cleaners to clean submerged structures, which eliminate the underwater encrustations without damaging the protective paint.

Drilling and tie-rods on vertical submerged walls

Thanks to the special platform with incorporated hydraulic drill attached to a chain excavator on the top of the quay or barge, drilling and tie-rod work can be performed on submerged walls in total safety for the divers.

The current maximum working depth is 13 meters from the excavator surface. This equipment enables simple drilling of various diameters, or installing horizontal or inclined tie-rods – with a maximum length of 15 meters.

This platform was designed and constructed by Nautilus, and can also be used as a support and working base for the divers.