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Modular systems for underwater operations

Nautilus adoptes cutting edge solutions to respect the forecast completion times and guarantee the safety of the underwater operators even in difficult conditions (depths, size of the structural elements, strong currents, poor visibility). 

The modular portable diving support system developed by Nautilus enables performing underwater operations respecting the highest safety levels and guarantee utmost efficiency for all the operators.

It can be used with various configurations and work environments: inshore, offshore, in artificial or natural basins, waterways, or in restricted working areas. The system comprises:

  • L.A.R.S. (Launch and recovery system – constructed according to IMCA directives) with a diving platform and automatic diver descent and recovery system.
  • Container used as control and monitoring cabin for the divers’ work.
  • Audio-visual system to transmit the images in real time and video recordings of the work.
  • Breathing air production, control and storage unit.
  • Breathing and/or mixed air and communications control and distribution panels.
  • Container decompression chamber
  • Container used as workshop and store for the diving equipment and materials
  • Electric generators
  • Hydraulic control units
  • Various diving equipment
  • Kirby Morgan helmets

L.A.R.S. Systems

The L.A.R.S. (Launch and Recovery System) diving support system guarantees utmost safety for the divers’ descent and rise operations, even with water current speeds above 1.5 m/sec. The compact size makes the systems easy to transport and handle, and they are quick to use in any working situation.

The stainless steel basket is designed to carry two operators and their tools up to an effective load of 550 kg. It has a grid bottom and roof to protect the divers from falling materials. The basket has two fairleads on the top to safely and easily pass the umbilical cables, and a safety door to prevent the divers falling while the basket is descending and rising.

Control cabin

The container control cabin is air conditioned and contains the air control, communications, depth and recording systems for the divers:

  • Breathing air production unit comprising a high pressure Bauer compressor
  • Main storage unit with a capacity of 160+40 litres, with four main bottles and one emergency bottle
  • Oxygen analysers to monitor the quality of the breathing air.

Container decompression chamber

The decompression chamber is certified for use on board vessels, and is inside an equipped and air conditioned container of standard size for rapid and easy transport.

It is a double chamber hyperbaric block formed of a main room and an entrance. It has a capacity of 7,200 litres measuring 4.5 meters long and internal diameter of 1.5 meters. It can house two divers at the same time.

There is a panel on the outside of the block to monitor and control all the system parameters. The main communications system is completely redundant.

A flange on the top enables also using a saturation system coupled with a closed bell for very depth diving. It is certified by RINA, Bureau Veritas and ABS.

Diving mobile support system

The mobile system is used for the less complex and emergency work, it is mounted on trucks or motorboats owned by the company and can house the operators, their diving and work equipment.

The standard supply comprises:

  • Audio-visual communications and video recording system for the divers’ work
  • Breathing air storage plant in bottles with oxygen analysers to monitor the breathing air quality
  • Amron International control unit to distribute and control the breathing air, communicate with the divers and monitor the diving depth.

Depending on the specific work needs, the system is prepared with all the equipment provided for the divers.