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Underwater technicians

All the Nautilus underwater technicians are certified by R.I.NA (Italian Naval Register): "in-water survey of ship and mobile offshore units" and "underwater non-destructive testing of submerged and offshore structures" and by B.V. (Bureau Veritas).

Underwater technicians

Nautilus underwater technicians work with specially designed instruments and equipment to reduce work time to a minimum, to rationalize the diving operations and guarantee the highest safety standards. The divers are constantly in audio and video contact with the surface supervisor, who controls the operations proceed correctly.

The availability of Container hyperbaric chambers, authorized for use on boats, and L.a.r.s. systems (launch and recovery system) for the safe lowering and retrieving of the divers, means operations can be safely conducted even in deep waters and where there are strong currents.

Assistance in major works and installations

  • Laying and extracting underwater piles
  • Laying concrete caissons, large elements, underwater structures
  • Underwater demolitions and cutting
  • Underwater concrete casting
  • Maintenance, repairs, inspection and cleaning
  • Repairing ship hulls and propellers
  • Repairing underwater pipes and lines
  • Repairing and controlling skids and pipelines.

Maintaining and repairing buoy fields

  • Cleaning pipelines, lock gates, wall faces
  • Inspections, surveys and video-photo reports
  • Diving operations in limited environments and restricted spaces
  • Maintaining intake and discharge works (dredging – caulking – sector gates, etc.)
  • Sewer inspections and diving in contaminated waters.

Nautilus is accredited with the Superintendency of Fine Arts and Landscapes, Ministry for Cultural Assets and Activities and Tourism, for assisting in underwater archaeological campaigns.