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Ancona Port

In the northern area of Ancona Port, Nautilus constructed the final delimitation of the sediment tank with the use of sheet piles.

The Marche Region port plan envisages “the construction of wharfs for a total of 1360 meters, with large bays behind them and adequate external defences. The new structure of the external defence works will enable creating a new straight wharf measuring 920 meters, with a seabed of 14 m deep, and the new opening with navigation canals 15 m deep”.

The work on the sediment tank required an investment of around 9 million euros, and enabled achieving the various goals:

  • Replace the seabreak wall , that was no longer safe, outside the north quay with rocks.
  • Use the mud dug from the beds in the ports of Fano, Numana, Senigallia and Civitanova Marche to restore the safety conditions of the port basins.
  • Extend the width of the quay with a new north wharf built above the tank (waterproofed with three layers of special material and covered with solid material).
  • Open up a splendid view of the north from the port.

The Regional Councillor for the Environment, Sandro Donati, emphasised that:
“The project envisages different types of work that guarantee high level waterproofing of the bottom and walls of the tank and, therefore, the environmental sustainability of the project”.