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We work with the Jan De Nul Group to build, in Italy, an underwater metal structure - Cofferdam - and, in Albania, a shore approach for the arrival of a pipeline.



In the last quarter of 2018, we created an underwater metal structure - Cofferdam - composed of dn 1,000 pipes 33 mt length and metal sheet piles AZ48-700 28 mt length. We installed a metal gate positioned in the centre of the structure itself. The final height of the structure varies from -9.00 to -14.00 m above sea level.

Means, equipment and operators employed

  • Vessel: Adhemar De Saint-Venant vessel with DP2 dynamic positioning system
  • Equipment: 2 LARS (Launch And Recovery System), one decompression chamber, one control room and one PTC 120 vibrodriver
  • Special equipment: GPS control system for divers in diving
  • Personnel: one supervisor, nine underwater technical operators and two operators for vibrodriver
  • Number of dives performed: 110
  • Maximum working depth: -24.00 m above sea level.
  • Accidents/Injuries: 0
  • Period: October 2018 - December 2018.

All the equipment for diving and vibro-driving is of our own property and was transported and installed on board of the Vessel.


We have carried out the entire structure that allows the arrival on the ground of a gas pipeline (with a diameter of 1,000 mm). The metal structure - Cofferdam - is 700.00 m length and half was built on the ground and half by the sea. This structure is composed of two parallel metal sheet piles and of thrust structures that were built on site and positioned inside them.

To allow the insertion of the metal elements, it was made, from the shoreline, a temporary stone’s cliff of 300.00 m length, placed along the north side of the Cofferdam. The construction of the reef required the supply and installation of 60,000 tons of stone material of various sizes.

To allow the arrival of the pipeline, dredging of the narrow section with a constant slope was carried out within the Cofferdam. The dredged volume was 20,000 cubic meters.

Means, equipment and operators employed

  • Means: two crawler cranes, two vibrodrivers, three hydraulic excavators
  • Special equipment: Drone for bathymetric surveys with GPS system
  • Personnel: four site technicians, thirteen operators
  • Accidents/Injuries: 0
  • Period: from September 2018 - in progress

All the means and equipment used are of our own property.