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Piallassa del Piombone (RA)

Nautilus worked on the improvement to Piallassa del Piombone, involving the creation of a fish breeding valley separated from the Ravenna port area. 

Piallassa del Piombone (RA)

The Ravenna Piallassa are saltwater coastal lagoons occupying vast depressed areas parallel to the coast. The Piombone Piallassa joins the Ravenna canal port and is included in the protected areas as an internationally interesting humid zone.

It is formed of semi-submerged areas and low beds, traditionally known as “chiari (clears)” bordered by artificial banks and a dense network of major and minor canals.

Nautilus worked with the Piacentini Group in planning and performing the work addressed to:

  • Physically separating the fish farms from the port by natural banks.
  • Restoring the water functions in the basin by deepening the tide canals
  • Improving the quality of the water and delicate environmental balance.

For the bathymetric reorganisation of environmental zone, Nautilus dredged the new sea canals that were defined in the hydrodynamic study.

The debris material was used to construct the islands and rises, together with material from outside the environmental zone.

The foot of the emerged areas is protected by a grid of chestnut poles driven into the bed, to support a geotextile cover that contains the landfill material.