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Planning maritime works and infrastructures

Maritime work requires a fleet, technical divers, specialized staff but, above all, organizational experience and skill. Nautilus works with both planners and its clients in planning the site work, carrying out the structural controls, cost analyses and suggesting alternative solutions to improve the work.

Planning maritime works and infrastructures

Metal piles and combi-walls

Making leverage on its experience and know-how, Nautilus assists planners in their choice of the best construction system for the specific needs of the end client and the specific nature of the project site.

Ports and harbours

Nautilus works with leading national and international engineering firms, offering its assistance in completing the projects right from the initial conception phase.

Environmental improvement

Nautilus is at work every day pursuing the respect of the delicate balance of the Venice Lagoon, providing project and technical solutions that reduce all the local environmental impact of their work.

Lagoons and shoals

With more than twenty years’ experience working in northern Adriatic lagoons, Nautilus is the ideal partner to study and complete all the works involving marine and lagoon areas with low or very low shoals.

We assist our clients from the original plan through to the study and construction of innovative equipment for specific projects, and also constructing the test sites.