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Piles and large metal elements

Nautilus is specialised in the construction of port infrastructures that require installing metal elements, whether they are used as single elements for constructing moorings (pylons, dolphins), guide structures, signals, or combined together to form complex structures such as quays and mooring, loading and unloading wharves, shipping basins, dry docks, limitation of contaminated sites.

The choice of the metal elements

Nautilus assists its clients in choosing the most suitable technical-economic solution according to the numerous project variables, such as: environmental conditions (site bathymetry, ground features, water currents, seismicity, etc.), and the requested performance levels (effective life, capacity, bulkhead permeability, etc.) for both permanent and temporary structures.

Driving and hiring piles

With its large store of metal elements and complete vehicle fleet, Nautilus guarantees rapid lead times for temporary and permanent work, and even in urgent situations.

The various types and lengths of the piles in stock mean the client receives a complete effective hire service for any project condition.

Types of work with piles

  • Port and foundation structures generally
  • Creation of tanks or impermeable wells
  • Sediment tanks
  • Limitation of contaminated sites
  • Water defence works
  • Dig support works.