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Sep One self-lift floating barge

The Sep One self-lift floating barge measures 21 m x 12 m (234 square meters). Gross tonnage 108.88 tons; max. load in navigation 90 tons; lift capacity 360 tons. Formed of Soilmec type modules, it can be dismantled and transported on the road. National coastal tug navigation.

Sep One self-lift floating barge

Technical data


N. VE8529 of the Italian Ship Registry 

Classification register

RINA 66366

Kind of vessel

Jack up – Pontoon

Main dimensions

Lenght m 14,95 – Width m 11,90

Gross tonnage

T 108,88

Year of construction / renewal



National, Coastal within 6 miles of the coast in floating platform configuration. Special within 3 miles of coastline in the jack up configuration


Support for maritime and underwater works

Carrying capacityT 90,00

Onboard equipment

For maritime works support, dredging and rowing services: crane with bucket or vibro-driver. For underwater support service: two L.A.R.S. systems, underwater control containers, container decompression chamber, workshop container and equipment storage, breathing air production plant, oleo-dynamic equipment.