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Cable laying machine

The Mac1 cable laying/pipe laying machine works using a hydraulic cutter and a puller slide advance system. A duct is dug measuring 0.5 meters diameter. The machine weighs 5,599 kg and measures: 6.90 X 4.86 x 3.10 lm.

Cable laying machine
  • Cutter diameter: from 2.50 lm to 1.80 lm.
  • Max. cable laying depth: 3 meters beneath ground level
  • Cable/pipe laying limit: 0.40 lm beneath ground level.

MAC 1 moves less material with respect to traditional digging creating less suspended particles, and therefore is ideal for laying cables/pipes in very fragile and/or contaminated environments.

With this system the following phases can be performed simultaneously:

  • Digging the trench
  • Laying the cable/pipe
  • Closing the trench

Control cabin

The control cabin (5.00 x 2.95 x 4.26 m) is on the puller pontoon, complete with control panel for all the machine functions. The GPS monitoring system enables constant recording of the laying depth and the polygonal trace.

Cable laying machine

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