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Lido I Motor-barge

Motor-barge length 27 m, width 9 m, height 1.80 m. Gross tonnage 121.42 tons. Maximum capacity 225.00 tons; 1 VM 1308 MA 11 1x184 kW engine (working speed 10 knots). Crew: 2. Equipped with Link-belt ls 108 cable excavator and mooring system with hydraulic pylons. National coastal navigation. Special service and freight transport.

Lido I Motor-barge

Technical data


N. RV06988 of Italian Ship Registry 

Classification register

RINA 80256

Kind of vessel

Self propelled pontoon

Main dimensions

Lenght m 27,00 – Width m 9,00

Gross tonnage

T 130,68

Year of construction / renewal


Crew2/4 people


Internal waters


Dragging, transport and handling rocks, vibrodriver services, material transport

Carrying capacity

T 100,00
Other characteristics

Crane with lattice boom and hydraulic excavator