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Piacentini among the 50 leading Italian construction firms

An article from the “Sole e 24 Ore Edilizia e Territorio” about the 2013 results of leading Italian construction companies highlighting Piacentini’s performance.

Piacentini among the 50 leading Italian construction firms

In 2013, the share of export income by Italian construction firms rose to 45%, sales grew by 5% with a net profit 7 times higher than the previous year. To give an idea of the impact of the crisis on this sector, two figures are sufficient:

  • In the last 3 years, 19 companies exited from the top 50 list
  • In 2008, to enter the top 45 a production of 113 million euros was needed, now just 58 million is sufficient.

Of the 8 new entries in the classification in 2013, Piacentini Costruzioni from Modena stands out, which recorded an increase in turnover of 108%.

Piacentini winners in 2013

According to the special classification edited by “Edilizia e Territorio” Piacentini Costruzioni recorded:

  • The highest Ebit/sales growth (+15.1%)
  • The highest gross income Ebitda (mol)/sales (22.8%)
  • Third place for % profit from sales (6.3%).

The Ebitda is the difference between income and cost of production, without considering the financial liabilities, depreciation and tax. The Ebitda/sales ratio by 100 gives the company’s gross income.


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