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With Saipem in Kazakhstan

Nautilus worked with Saipem installing the underwater pipes and the construction and fine tuning of the special laying machinery (Kashagan field).

With Saipem in Kazakhstan

The project involves the production of crude oil and the associated gases extracted from the fields using a combination of offshore structures, and pipe systems to transport the crude oil and gas from Kashagan in the northern Caspian Sea at about 80 km southeast of the city of Atyrau, to a new onshore petrol refinery (OPF) called Eskene West, 40 km east of Atyrau, where the oil and gas are processed and conditioned for transfer to an infrastructure through ground pipelines.

The entire pipeline system from the Kashagan fields comprises two main 28” dedicated pipelines, for a length of 95 km, travelling north with an approximate length of 66 km. The main pipelines continue on ground towards the OPF fence.

To provide combustible gas to the offshore structures, an 18” combustible gas pipeline will also be installed along the same corridor as the other line, and on a parallel invasion to the main 28” pipelines to provide combustible gas from the OPF to the offshore structures.

Besides installing the pipelines, a SCADA system with two optic fibre cables will enable the communications and controls between the onshore structures, measuring stations and offshore structures.


  • The water is not very deep in the development area (from around 4 m in the Kashagan oil field to zero meters near the beach).
  • There are seasonal and yearly changes in the level of the Caspian Sea.
  • The sea freezes over during the winter.
  • The field contains oil with a high level of associated acid gas (up to 18% H2S).

Nautilus: the main connection lines and flow lines

  • Assistance in providing and preparing the craft for the shallow waters (“Mondine”) and after-dig deposits (“Gerris”).
  • Adequate training for the staff who will work in the area.
  • Preparing the laying corridor for the pipe bundles.
  • After dig operations.